Commercial proprietor

1. For factories, schools, hospitals and other commercial buildings, the electricity cost always be a problem; with Jntech solar energy system, 100 kW for example, the average daily output of electricity is around 800 kWh, with the world average electricity cost per kWh at 0.137 USD, the ANNUL SAVEINGS on electricity is around  40,000 USD, the cost of whole solar energy system will be recovered on electricity savings in 5 years maximum; 

2.We can offer optimal price/performance ratio products and external components based on complete configuration that we provide through clients’ demands; 

3.Integrated services from Consultation, Calculation, Configuration, Quotation, Local Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Recommendation, to Constructing Guidance & Suggestion and After-sale technical support; 

4.Pro pre-sale and after-sale technical support team consisted of MASTER degree engineers;  

5.Negotiable room of prices and payment days base on contract value; 

6.Strict progress of IQC, IPQC, OQC, SQE to guarantee every procedure of our production to be perfect, and the quality of our product can stand the test. 


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